I specialize in many different avenues of photography. I can do Real Estate, Before and Afters, Farms, 3D Aerial Modeling of Residential Homes and Commercial Properties, 360 Virtual Tours via Matterport, Construction Projects, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, as well as Roof, Gutter and Chimney top inspections that are done by drone and many more services! You can contact me anytime via the information below for custom projects that might not be listed here.


My equipment consists of a Canon 5D Mark IV with an array of professional, high-quality lenses, a DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Camera Drone for my high-resolution aerial photographs, videos, and 3D maps, a DJI Ronin-S Gimble for steady 4K walkthrough footage, and a Matterport professional 360 camera coupled with professional Matterport software to create highly professional 360 virtual tours!


For my 3D maps, I use a service called Drone Deploy which is "the leading photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping". They use high-end mapping and 3D modeling software to process my photos into amazingly detailed 3D maps that can be used for anything from showing off a property from a birds-eye view to surveying land and construction sites and measuring volume, distances and area measurements.


I am federally licensed with an FAA Part 107 SUAS permit that grants me access, and training, to commercially fly drones safely, so that I can accomplish these amazing feats, and all the while carrying millions of dollars in liability insurance to make sure YOU are protected in a worst-case scenario situation. 


My main goal is to leave you with a wonderful and worthwhile experience after using New Vision Photography and get those photos and videos captured from a specialized professional!




We specialize in shooting real estate photos and video tours and 3D walk-throughs including shots done by drone and 3D models of your property!

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Aerial and Indoor 3D Modeling and Virtual Tours

We specialize in creating custom virtual 3D models done by a drone as well as 3D virtual tours done with a 3D Matterport laser scanner.




We specialize in shooting landscape aerial photos and videos of your farm! We also do 3D crop counting and surveying!