Hi! My name is Cade Nicholson. I'm 20 years old and picked up the hobby of photography when I was 13 years old shooting photos with a point and shoot camera I spent the year saving my money for.


I've also been interested in video making and videography since I was very young and enjoy making travel videos and real estate videos. But once again, I do not limit myself to only these two categories of videography, I feel that any photographer/videographer should constantly push himself/herself out of their comfort zone and experiment with new ideas.


My passion for the art has driven me to start New Vision Photography. With the help of my friends and family, I've started this business and I provide photography and videography services across most of Kentucky and parts of Ohio and traveling when necessary.

Over the past 7 years, I've increased my knowledge in the photography industry with a specific interest in Aerial, Landscape, and Real Estate photography; while also having an interest in just about every form of photography imaginable.


I've had the privilege to travel to 7 different countries in my life and experience many different cultures and see some of the most beautiful places our planet has to offer with no intention of quitting my travels!


I've been raised in a Christian household that sticks close to our moral standards; part of which includes abstaining from traits that you find in a lot of businesses today including lying, cheating, stealing, and many forms of deception. I've been taught that you should always love your neighbor, no matter their race, gender, wealth, or social status. Everybody is equal.


I am also a certified FAA Part 107 License holder which means that I've been thoroughly trained to commercially fly drones in the USA which lets me open my creativity further by allowing me to make 3D models and maps as well as taking photos of real estate through a birdseye view. I'm also able to calculate through drone software a farmers crop yield, which will then allow him to estimate whether the seed suppliers promised yield guarantees were accurate or not.


Some people say that you can't be successful when you're young because you don't have as much knowledge or experience as those who are older. Which it's true that nobody can instantly add years of experience onto their lives; but some can certainly try if they have the drive and are willing to work hard in their field. I'm here to put my all into making your experience with New Vision Photography different than anybody else!




John Ross Kline - "I've used NVP... for 2 years now. Cade is always very professional and creative, and he works hard to make sure you're completely satisfied with the result. His editing skills are excellent."

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